Wednesday, 19 October 2011

~Special Recipes at Parit Jawa : Asam Pedas =)

Parit Jawa is located as far as 48 km from Pekan Muar. Pekan that nearby Kampung Parit Jawa was Pekan Parit Jawa that was the center for all activities such as business, education and social activity carried out. People there were very famous with their sociability and welcomed the tourist happily.

One of the privileges here was 'Asam Pedas' cooking which is not only villager's favorite food, but also anyone who coming to Parit Jawa wish to feel that cooking. There are many food outlet that provides 'Asam Pedas' cooking, so its up to you to choose which one did you prefer. The most special was the fishes of asam pedas cooking were achieved in a very fresh fish as this village located nearby coast.

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